Measure badges

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In order to generate a badge that displays any measure related to a project or view analysed by your SonarQube instance, call the following REST webservice:

/api/badges/measure?key=<project or view key>&metric=<metric key>

Possible output

The badge displays the name of the metric in the left part of the badge with the measured value in the right part of the badge.

If the measure impacts the quality gate of the project, the badge is colorized depending on the condition that has been set (requires version 3.0.0.)

If no measure is available for the metric, or if no metric with this <metric key> exists, then N/A will be displayed in the right part of the badge.


Here are example live badges displaying the current value of some metrics measured on the SVG Badges plugin codebase taken from

Lines Of Code New Bugs New Vulnerabilities New Code Smells Public Documented API density Test Success Density Overall Coverage Technical Debt Ratio

Available options

As for quality gate status badges, the plugin generates by default badges with rounded corners. If you want to generate flat badges instead, add the optional parameter template with value FLAT as follows:

/api/badges/measure?key=<project or view key>&metric=<metric key>&template=FLAT (requires version 3.0.0.)

If you want the badge to be blinking if the displayed measure causes the quality gate's ERROR status, add the optional parameter blinking with value true as follows:

/api/badges/measure?key=<project or view key>&metric=<metric key>&blinking=true (requires version 3.0.0.)

SonarQube's CoreMetrics class file lists all metric keys that can be used. For even more details, see the SonarQube Metric Definitions. I have listed the ones you may need to display as a badge in the following table :

Metric key Description
ncloc # of lines of code (excluding comments and empty lines)
comment_lines_density Percentage of comments
public_documented_api_density Percentage of documented API
function_complexity Complexity by function
tests_errors # of tests that have stopped due to an error
tests_failures # of tests whose assertions have failed
skipped_tests # of ignored tests
test_success_density %age of tests that have succeeded
coverage UT coverage %age
new_coverage UT coverage %age on new code
it_coverage IT coverage %age
new_it_coverage IT coverage %age on new code
overall_coverage Overall coverage %age
new_overall_coverage Overall coverage %age on new code
duplicated_lines_density lines duplication %age
blocker_violations # of blocker issues
critical_violations # of new critical issues
new_blocker_violations # of blocker issues
new_critical_violations # of new critical issues
code_smells # of code smells
new_code_smells # of new code smells
bugs # of bugs
new_bugs # of new bugs
vulnerabilities # of vulnerabilities
new_vulnerabilities # of new vulnerabilities
sqale_debt_ratio technical debt ratio
new_sqale_debt_ratio new technical debt ratio

Note: Some metric keys are not usable "as is" as they return values that need interpretation (such as time, effort or ratings.) This explains why I haven't added them to the table yet.

Display the Measure badge on a web page

As for Quality Gate badges, you can use HTML or markdown as follows:

HTML Link:

<a href="<serverBaseURL>/dashboard/index/<project or view key>"><img src="<serverBaseURL>/api/badges/measure?key=<project or view key>&metric=<core metric key>"/></a>


<a href="http://localhost:9000/dashboard/index/com.qualinsight.plugins.sonarqube:qualinsight-plugins-sonarqube-badges"><img src="http://localhost:9000/api/badges/measure?key=com.qualinsight.plugins.sonarqube:qualinsight-plugins-sonarqube-badges&metric=coverage"/></a>

Markdown Link:

[![Quality Gate](<serverBaseURL>/api/badges/gate?key=<project or view key>&metric=<core metric key>)](<serverBaseURL>/dashboard/index/<project or view key>)


[![Quality Gate](http://localhost:9000/api/badges/measure?key=com.qualinsight.plugins.sonarqube:qualinsight-plugins-sonarqube-badges&metric=coverage)](http://localhost:9000/dashboard/index/com.qualinsight.plugins.sonarqube:qualinsight-plugins-sonarqube-badges)