Quality Gate status badges

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In order to generate a badge that displays the quality gate status of a project or view analysed by your SonarQube instance, call the following REST webservice:

/api/badges/gate?key=<project or view key>

Possible output

Depending on the project's status and SonarQube configuration, one of the following image types will be generated :

  • Passing indicates that the project passes the quality gate (QG)
  • Warning indicates that the project does not pass the quality gate due to QG warnings
  • Failing indicates that the project does not pass the quality gate due to QG errors
  • No Gate indicates that no quality gate has been set for the specified project
  • Not Found indicates that the project / view could not be found


Here is a live badge for the current quality gate status of the SVG Badges plugin on SonarQube.com:

Quality Gate

Available options

By default, the plugin generates badges with rounded corners. If you want to generate flat badges instead, add the optional parameter template with value FLAT as follows:

/api/badges/gate?key=<project or view key>&template=FLAT (requires version 3.0.0.)

If you want the badge to be blinking if the quality gate is in ERROR status, add the optional parameter blinking with value true as follows:

/api/badges/gate?key=<project or view key>&blinking=true (requires version 3.0.0.)

Display the Quality Gate badge on a web page

You can display Quality Gate badges using HTML or Markdown as follows.

Note 1: The plugin is currently installed on SonarQube.com public instance. If you want to display a badge for a project analyzed on SonarQube.com, just use https://sonarqube.com as <serverBaseURL>.

HTML Link:

<a href="<serverBaseURL>/dashboard/index/<project or view key>"><img src="<serverBaseURL>/api/badges/gate?key=<project or view key>"/></a>


<a href="http://localhost:9000/dashboard/index/com.qualinsight.plugins.sonarqube:qualinsight-plugins-sonarqube-badges"><img src="http://localhost:9000/api/badges/gate?key=com.qualinsight.plugins.sonarqube:qualinsight-plugins-sonarqube-badges"/></a>

Markdown Link:

[![Quality Gate](<serverBaseURL>/api/badges/gate?key=<project or view key>)](<serverBaseURL>/dashboard/index/<project or view key>)


[![Quality Gate](http://localhost:9000/api/badges/gate?key=com.qualinsight.plugins.sonarqube:qualinsight-plugins-sonarqube-badges)](http://localhost:9000/dashboard/index/com.qualinsight.plugins.sonarqube:qualinsight-plugins-sonarqube-badges)