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Northstar is a modding framework client that allows users to host their own Titanfall 2 servers using custom scripts and assets to create custom content, as well as being able to host vanilla content.

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Northstar's development is split into 6 repositories:

  1. NorthstarLauncher (Code for the C++ hook DLL)
  2. NorthstarMods (Code for the squirrel mods responsible for server gamelogic recreation and custom content)
  3. NorthstarStubs (D3D11 and GFSDK stubs for the Northstar dedicated server)
  4. NorthstarNavs (Custom navmesh files used for AI navigation)
  5. NorthstarDiscordRPC (Discord RPC plugin)
  6. Atlas (Backend API for server browser, player authentication, and persistence)

The documentation is split into three repositories:

  1. NorthstarTF (Main website)
  2. NorthstarWiki (Wiki covering installation, hosting and configuration of Northstar)
  3. ModdingDocs (Guides and tutorials on how to mod using Northstar)

Special Thanks

Thanks to everyone that's put up with me and helped out with this project, it's been a fun passion project I've had throughout 2021 so releasing it is pretty cathartic. Specifically:

  • Thanks to the Icepick developers for making the Icepick, I initially forked it for earlier versions of Northstar and it was a great base to experiment with stuff on before moving to the custom launcher.
  • Thanks to everyone on R5R team for giving me advice on some later parts of development.
  • Thanks to everyone in the testing server for putting up with me and helping find bugs.
  • Thanks to everyone else that's helped, gave advice, all that.