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This is the official Wiki/documentation for Asuswrt-merlin, a custom firmware designed for Asus routers.

Note: As with any Wiki, this documentation is a constant work-in-progress. Most of the content is contributed by the community - anyone with a Github account can edit it.


  1. About Asuswrt and Asuswrt-merlin
  2. Features (External link)
  3. Screenshots (External link)
  4. Supported devices
  5. Changelog - Legacy (380.x) (External link)
  6. Changelog - Current (382.x and newer) (External link)
  7. Installation
  8. Reverting


  1. User scripts
  2. JFFS
  3. Customizing configuration files
  4. DDNS Services
  5. Custom DDNS support
  6. SSHD
  7. Scheduled tasks (Cron jobs)
  8. Enhanced traffic monitoring
  9. Adjustable TCP/IP connection tracking setting
  10. Mounting remote CIFS shares
  11. Disk Spindown when idle
  12. NFS Exports
  13. DNS Filter
  14. Using a custom webui/FTP SSL certificate
  15. QoS Queue Disciplines (codel/fq_codel)
  16. Wi-Fi Radar
  17. DNS Privacy (DNS-over-TLS)


  1. About OpenVPN
  2. Setting up OpenVPN
  3. Generating certs with Easy-RSA
  4. Policy-based routing
  5. Policy-based routing - manual method v380.xx firmware or later now DEPRECATED
  6. Policy-based Port (or MAC address) routing - manual method

External software repositories


  1. Setting up Entware (Optware alternative)
  2. Setting up Entware (External link)
  3. Installing Transmission through Entware
  4. Lighttpd web server with PHP support through Entware
  5. Installing RTorrent through Entware (External link)
  6. Installing Deluge through Entware
  7. Webcam video surveillance Entware (External link)

Chroot Debian

  1. Plex Media Server on Arm Routers (External link)
  2. Minidlna Upnp Media Server through debian (link list)


  1. Download the latest source code from GitHub
  2. Compile from source using Ubuntu
  3. Compile from source using Linux Mint
  4. Compiling from source using a Debian-based Linux Distribution
  5. Apply patches to source files

Networking HowTo and Guides

  1. Iptables tricks and tips
  2. How to use Adblock Plus filter subscriptions to provide advertisement filtering to devices
  3. Secure DNS queries using DNSCrypt
  4. Setting up an IPv6 tunnel through Hurricane Electric
  5. How to dedicate SSID for VPN and SSID for regular ISP using OpenVPN
  6. How to use ipset to block connections
  7. Link Aggregation Setup
  8. Access modem Web UI on WAN port (no script)
  9. Enforce the use of Google Safesearch on your LAN
  10. How to have dedicated DHCP options bind to a specific SSID?
  11. Custom domains with dnsmasq
  12. How to use Adblock using Pixelserv
  13. How to block scanners, bots, malware, ransomware

Misc HowTo and Guides

  1. Scheduled Reboot
  2. Email notification from your router
  3. WOL Script Wake Up Your Webserver On Internet Traffic
  4. Scheduled LED control
  5. How to make a NTFS usb hdd running more stable as media server, by ChrisR
  6. Network Image Scanning With Sane
  7. Delay start of minidlna to wait for the USB disk mount
  8. Setting-up-FreeRadius2-through-Entware
  9. User NVRAM Save/Restore
  10. Transfer (sync) a backup to a remote location using Rsync through a SSH tunnel between 2 Asus routers
  11. Setting a random password for guest wifi
  12. Tinc VPN on AsusWRT-Merlin (External Link)
  13. LUKS Encrypted USB Drive HOWTO
  14. USB Disk Check at Boot
  15. USB Disk Check at Boot or Hot Plug (improved version)
  16. Minidlna: Common Issues & Solutions
  17. pyTivo: How-To Guide
  18. Setting up a NTP Server for your LAN
  19. Disk formatting


  1. FAQ
  2. Credits
  3. Contact
  4. Disclaimer
  5. Privacy
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