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How to use Adblock using Pixelserv

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Pixelserv is a tool used to create a 1x1 transparent image can be used in combination with an Adblocker (see notes) to remove ads without having a Adblocker extension in the browser and it works across your network with any device that is connected to your router.

Pixelserv Installation Process (manual install)

Pixelserv Installation (auto-install)

  • Diversion by @thelonelycoder, optional install of pixelserv-tls as an addon

Setting arguments in /opt/etc/init.d/S80pixelserv-tls

Example: ARGS=" -p 80 -p 8080 -k 443 -k 2443 -u root"
Makes pixelserv run on at port 80,8080 for http and https 443,2443 as root

for other settings

        -2 (disable HTTP 204 reply to generate_204 URLs)
        -f (stay in foreground - don't daemonize)
        -k https_port (443 if omitted)
        -l (log access to syslog)
        -n i/f (all interfaces if omitted)
        -o select_timeout (10 seconds)
        -p http_port (80 if omitted)
        -r (deprecated - ignored)
        -R (disable redirect to encoded path in tracker links)
        -s /relative_stats_html_URL (/servstats if omitted)
        -t /relative_stats_txt_URL (/servstats.txt if omitted)
        -u user ("nobody" if omitted)
        -z path_to_https_certs (/opt/var/cache/pixelserv if omitted)
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