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Server setup

This will setup a Causeway server to support the Rein market and was tested on Ubuntu Server 14.04.3 x64.

User setup

adduser cw     

Choose a strong password of 12+ chars.

sudo visudo

Then make a copy of the root "all all" line and change root to cw. ref

Install pre-requisites

Login as user cw and install git, pip, and sqlite..

su - cw
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install git python3-pip sqlite3

Clone the repo. Note we're using pip3 because this server is written for Python 3 (tested on version 3.4).

git clone
cd causeway
sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Setup the causeway server itself (simplified version of what's in the Causeway README. Double check to see if anything changed).

sqlite3 causeway.db < schema.sql

Then you'll need to copy to If you have installed to a different location or would like to place the db file elsewhere, change DATABASE to the full path where you created the database.

Finally we run the server, under a screen session:

su - cw
cd causeway

Now you can close the terminal window and the server will keep running on our server. Re-attach next time you login as root with screen -r.