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Sitecore sitemap module that tries to be as much flexible and configurable as possible.

It has two main assumptions:

  • Flexible configuration

    Gives end user as many as possible configuration options. It is easier to edit Sitecore items than edit and deploy config files.

  • Extensibility

    Code functionality should be extensible and overridable. It should be easy to extend or override functionality, without decompiling and copy-pasting a lot of code.

Module was based on the original Sitemap XML module

###New features:

  • Configurations for sites controlled from Content Editor
  • Defining and tags for templates and specified items
  • Language fallback for configuration items
  • Overridable method ProcessItems() for specifing own low-level logic
  • Generating sitemap index file

###Original Sitemap XML features

  • Multisite and multilanguage support
  • Automatically updated robots.txt file
  • Physical XML sitemaps files generation
  • Automatic sitemap submit on publish
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