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Center for Reproducible Neuroimaging Computation

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  1. Generate custom Docker and Singularity images, and minimize existing containers

    Python 263 87

  2. reproin Public

    A setup for automatic generation of shareable, version-controlled BIDS datasets from MR scanners

    Roff 43 11

  3. reproman Public

    ReproMan (AKA NICEMAN, AKA ReproNim TRD3)

    Python 23 13

  4. BrainVerse is an electronic laboratory notebook built as an open-source, cross-platform desktop application to help researchers manage, track and share information in a comprehensive format.

    JavaScript 23 12

  5. Containers "distribution" for reproducible neuroimaging

    Roff 16 11

  6. A standardized form generation and data collection schema to harmonize results by design across projects.

    Python 12 20


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