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App Showcase

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App Showcase

Have you made something awesome with RestKit? This is the place to show off your creation with a link, your name, a brief description, and which RestKit platforms your app supports (iOS or Mac OS X). Here are some cool things that other people have made:


  • GateGuru by GateGuru, Inc: GateGuru is a tool that transforms chaotic and unfamiliar airport environments into more satisfying adventures. It assists users in locating the best food, shopping, and service options within any airport from their mobile device. (iOS)
  • vWorkApp by vWorkApp Inc: The painless way to track, schedule, and dispatch jobs to mobile workers. vWorkApp is a cloud-based tool that allows central dispatchers to track mobile workers, assign them jobs, and capture data from the field. (iOS)
  • TexLege by Greg Combs. One-stop-shop for anything and everything related to the Texas State Legislature.
  • OpenStates iOS by Greg Combs and the Sunlight Foundation. One-Stop-Shop for anything and everything related to the legislatures of the 50 states. Based on data provided by the Open States Project.
  • Planning Center Online Music Stand (iOS) - Uses RestKit + Core Data to handle offline persistence and loading large amounts of data from the cloud.
  • PaperKarma by Readabl - PaperKarma helps you get rid of junk mail and save the Earth at the same time. Uses RestKit + Core Data to store user data and unsubscribe requests for a fast, offline access layer over a Rails API. (iOS)
  • PigeonPost by Pigeon Loft Pty Ltd - PigeonPost helps you to revive the old flair of sending postcards in a fun and social way. Postcards will be delivered by the PigeonPost community instead of being sent directly. See the exciting ways your postcard took on it's journey! (iOS)
  • TravisCI by Bendyworks - TravisCI acts as a dashboard for the Travis-CI service, which is a continuous integration service for Open Source Software. It uses RestKit + CoreData and libPusher.
  • ReaderCity by Brian Morton: A mobile app for the San Diego Reader's ReaderCity e-commerce platform. (iOS)
  • Skqueak by Ray Fix & Pelfunc, Inc: a free, fun app that adds audio, sketches, pan-zoom and text to your pictures, to create short animated vignettes. It uses RestKit + CoreData.
  • Paperless Post for iPhone by Paperless Post lets you create, send and track invitations and cards on the go. Utilizes RestKit and it's CoreData mapping features.(iOS)
  • PyMOL on the iPad by Schrödinger is a mobile molecular visualizer. With PyMOL you can visualize proteins and small molecules in a variety of representations. You can even ray trace and view in 3D. RESTKit is used to seamlessly handle the data transfer between remote data stores.
  • allows you to share and discover interesting street art, public art and sculptures around you and your city.
  • Daily Offers by John Topley lets you view UK supermarket special offers (iOS).
  • Lua by Lua Technologies Inc: Lua is the simplest way to communicate and coordinate with a team working in the field or the office. Your team will work better, together. Lua keeps communication, co-workers, schedules, and documents at the tip of your friends, at all times.
  • Peeps lets users send 10-second video messages to groups of friends. With a "hold-to-record, release-to-send" mechanism, the app combines the emotional resonance of video calling and the convenience of SMS.
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