RestKit 0.9.3

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RestKit v0.9.3

Released: 08/02/2011
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We are proud to announce the immediate availability of RestKit 0.9.3. This release is the culmination of nearly 3 months of intensive development and is by far the strongest release to date. Headlining this release is the integration of a totally new object mapping engine, a deeply integrated logging framework, support for serializing objects to JSON as well as URL form-encoded, expanded Core Data Active Record helpers, initial support for the use of blocks, and numerous smaller bug fixes and improvements.

By far the most important part of this release is the integration of the new object mapping 2.0 engine, which is used to power the data consumption and generation core of RestKit. The object mapping design & features are detailed extensively on the RestKit wiki:

Release Details

The full details of all features and fixes present in the release are available on Github…

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