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###Overview This R package provides basic connectivity to the Hadoop Distributed File System. R programmers can browse, read, write, and modify files stored in HDFS. The following functions are part of this package

  • File Manipulations
    hdfs.copy, hdfs.move, hdfs.rename, hdfs.delete, hdfs.rm, hdfs.del, hdfs.chown, hdfs.put, hdfs.get
  • File Read/Write
    hdfs.file, hdfs.write, hdfs.close, hdfs.flush,,, hdfs.tell, hdfs.line.reader,
  • Directory
    hdfs.dircreate, hdfs.mkdir
  • Utility, hdfs.list.files,, hdfs.exists
  • Initialization
    hdfs.init, hdfs.defaults


  • This package has a dependency on rJava
  • Access to HDFS via this R package is dependent upon the HADOOP_CMD environment variable. HADOOP_CMD points to the full path for the hadoop binary. If this variable is not properly set, the package will fail when the init() function is invoked



###R Objects R objects can be serialized to HDFS via the function: hdfs.write. An example is shown below:

model <- lm(...)
modelfilename <- "my_smart_unique_name"
modelfile <- hdfs.file(modelfilename, "w")
hdfs.write(model, modelfile)

R objects can be deserialized to HDFS via the function: An example is shown below:

modelfile = hdfs.file(modelfilename, "r")
m <-
model <- unserialize(m)