dev>Contribute to the RHadoop project

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We are interested in help with any of the following:

We follow the fork+pull collaboration model. Please add an issue to one of the issue trackers (rhdfs, rhbase, rmr2) or comment on an existing one to describe what you intend to do. This is to stimulate community input and increase the chances of your patch being accepted. Please be mindful of what branch you are requesting to pull into. Hit Change Commits and select a different base ("into") branch. See also Version Control Guidelines.

Any of your contributions will be released under the same license as the rest of the project, but we request that you assign the copyright to Revolution Analytics. In particular, you need to add in a comment to your pull request or just an email to the following statement:

By supplying code to the Revolution Analytics team, I agree to assign copyright of that code to Revolution Analytics Inc., on the condition that it releases that code under the Apache 2.0 license

Once we have it on file, there is no need to submit the statement again. It covers any future code submissions. That's it for the legalese.

For any questions, please join our Google group.