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strayFw is a PHP framework trying to be modern without following fashion, between full-featured frameworks and micro ones.

Code is free, new-BSD license. So... fork us!

Why? / Why not?

  • It's beta software.
  • Contain neither dependency injection nor annotations.
  • Making use of type hinting anywhere possible.
  • Use of reflection at runtime as limited as possible.
  • strayFw follows a small selection of PSR (see below: Contribute > Technical considerations).
  • Configuration over convention.
  • Data models are defined by a schema in YAML. Migrations are, for the most part, generated by a automated diff between schemas.
  • Data models are generated by the CLI ahead of web-server-time/run-time.
  • Composer dependencies are minimal.
  • Only PostgreSQL is supported.


  • PHP >= 7.4
  • mbstring extension
  • For the Locale namespace, intl extension >= 1.0.0
  • For the Twig renderer, twig/twig >= 3.0

Get started

Documentation website is underway.

Need help?

You can add an issue on github ;)


External Contributors

Technical considerations

The framework follows these standards:


Rector :

$ php vendor/bin/rector -c quality/rector.php process src

Static analysis :

$ php vendor/bin/phpstan analyse src --level=max

Coding standards :

$ curl -L -o php-cs-fixer
$ php php-cs-fixer.phar fix
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