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by Troy Miles aka @therockncoder

GitHub Stars Learn to test Angular apps by pinging the GitHub Search API. This is a learning project I use to teach Angular, Angular Material and Angular Unit Testing.

Other topics I teach:

  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • React
  • React Native, build mobile apps in JavaScript for Android & iOS
  • Flux, Redux, MobX Modern State Controllers for JavaScript
  • Android
  • Android Unit Testing and Best Practices
  • Android in Kotlin
  • Node.js
  • Ratpack, Fast Java, Groovy, or Kotlin based web server

We have affordable weekend boot-camps on these subjects year-round in sunny Southern California. We can also arrange on-site training at your offices. Reach out to me on Twitter @therockncoder or email at Be sure to check out my YouTube channel.

If you find this repo useful please star it! It is an easy thing to do, makes me smile, and makes me want to continue coding into the night. 😄

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