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Primeros pasos con Python: Manipulando imágenes 🖼⟷💻

Author: Rodolfo Ferro Pérez
Twitter: @FerroRodolfo

About 🕹

This is a Python 🐍 workshop for the Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre 2017 (FLISoL) for which I was invited at the Instituto Tecnológico de León. It is basically a workshop about some Python basics, focused on image manipulation.

I don't use any lib other than NumPy and Matplotlib to manipulate images, since I was asked to teach through the basics. Even tho, I coded some image derivatives (sobel X and sobel Y) to illustrate some image processing, and coded some fractals.

Setup ⚙️

You can download Python from the official site. For this workshop, version 3.6 is recommended (we will be using operators such as @). We will also need to install NumPy and Matplotlib.

If you're installing Python on Windows, just remember to check the "Add Python to PATH" little box during the installation.

Installing NumPy and Matplotlib:

To install numpy and matplotlib we will use pip. After installing Python, open a terminal and enter the following:

$ pip install numpy

Now enter the following:

$ pip install matplotlib

If you want not only to install this libs on your user, but in the whole system, use sudo.

Checking your installation:

To check if the installation was successful, on the open terminal open your Python prompt by entering:

$ python

Something like this should have appeared in your console: Python prompt

Now try to import numpy and matplotlib as follows:

>>> import numpy
>>> import matplotlib

If any error is raised, congrats! Now you're all set to go.

Content 👾

  • You can find the lecture here.
  • You can find the scripts folder here.
  • You can find some images here.


These documents were originally created by the author. Any usage of these documents or their contents is granted according to the provided license and its conditions. For any question, you can contact the author via email or Twitter.

Want to see an awesome fractal? Check this one:

Built from Mandelbrot set using Python

Copyright (c) 2017 Rodolfo Ferro


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