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NRO2NSP release prerelease

This is an easy to use nsp builder that will make rediction nsps or Retroarch Forwarders out of Nros

Whats New:


This is hopefully the last beta before a stable release, fixed a couple of silly issues.

3.3.6 Beta 4

Fixed error with keys with lowercase letters being flagged as invalid Fixed unrelated error message being displayed in some cases Fixed App crashing if no key files are found Add new information to logs to help debug issues 3.3.6 Beta 3

  • Added "logo" and "animation" paths to core.xml for use to automatically set logs per core platform
  • (Feature Request) Added Auto set logos in logo menu -- see above
  • (Feature Request) If "Preset Author" is set to "core" in the settings menu then author box will be set to selected retroarch core platform

**These are experimental, please report any bugs and any updates to cores.xml needed

3.3.6 Beta 2

  • Fixed Rolling TitleId error
  • Improved Failed build error message
  • Fixed extra files being saved to pc
  • Added Keyfile checks with Value Compare (experimental)
  • Updated Key Generation Revisions

3.3.6 Beta 1

  • export forwarders as "Nros" - Rom Forwarders that can be launched from the HBMenu instead of the Homescreen (Note youll need to use Title Overide for titles that require more ram)
  • Added Setting to allow offical TitleId range, Use with caution to avoid conflicting ids (Allows Hid-mitm)

v3.3.5 Stable Things added since Beta:

  • Recompiled for 9.0.0 (note nros forwarded to must be recompiled for 9.0.0 as well)

Things added in Betas: Special thanks to Liam and LeMageFro for testing and vast knowleadge

  • Added warning about romfs compatibility
  • Fixed "Keyfile" missing error
  • Fixed Nro data import repeating error messages
  • Updated hacpackbrew
  • Updated Nstool (requires visual studio C++ 2015)
  • Appears to have fixed could not start software error
  • Removed savedata allocation
  • Added gif size warning message if greater than 60kb
  • Added UnquailifiedApproval flag in ndpm (Thanks Liam)
  • Fixed KernalPermisson
  • Fixed rror due to file permissions
  • Adjusted npdm to prevent save data allocation
  • Started custom npdm/nacp creation framework (to be completed)
  • Refractoring

Beta Releases:

Beta Please Note this is beta and it may experiance bugs/issues, please report them so I can clean them up before Stable releases

Getting Started


There is a couple small requirements to use this application, see here to get it all setup!

Special notes:

There's a couple of special things to note , see here to learn more!

How to run:

Lets get down to the good stuff, i feel like its really easy but lets explain some things in here!


If for some reason you run into any issues, please check here for common mistakes

XML Editing:

In the Resources folder there is a couple .xml files.The main ones for the end users are cores.xml and paths.xml. Check this out for information on editing these to your needs.


Check this out for information about configurable settings!


Big shout out to these special people for all the help and support!


See whats in store for features or things that need to be improved here


Visit me on Discord for the newest features and fastest support!