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Route 1337 LLC

Modern InfoSec, Zero Trust, and DevOps consulting for Web2 and Web3 clients.

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  1. jamf-macos-scripts jamf-macos-scripts Public

    Various scripts for use with Jamf Pro to ease management of macOS devices

    Shell 34 6

  2. devops-mac devops-mac Public

    Scripts and Ansible roles to configure macOS 10.15+ for DevOps usage.

    Shell 2

  3. docker-cf-mnet-server docker-cf-mnet-server Public

    A simple webserver that serves some basic data for Cloudflare ZTA Managed Network usage

    Python 2

  4. chef-cookbook-linuxbase chef-cookbook-linuxbase Public archive

    Chef Cookbook for deploying some common packages and managing some standard configurations for linux systems

    Ruby 1

  5. ansible-role-ubuntubase ansible-role-ubuntubase Public

    Various tweaks and basic prerequisites for Ubuntu systems along with a fancy bash prompt

    Ruby 1

  6. terraform-aws-static-site terraform-aws-static-site Public

    Deploy a static site using S3, CloudFront, Route 53, and Lambda@Edge using Terraform

    HCL 1 1


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