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My custom terminal config, aliases and functions.


The dotfiles have only been tested on OSX and Ubuntu, but they should work on most UNIX based systems.

Zsh is required to run these dotfiles. It comes preinstalled on OSX and can be installed on Ubuntu using sudo apt-get install zsh.


To install the dotfiles clone the dotfiles repo, run ./bootstrap.zsh and restart your terminal.

The bootstrap.zsh script will copy all the files in the public and private directories to your home directory. Files in the private directory are also appended, see Private Config for more info.

To update the dotfiles just run ./bootstrap.zsh and restart your terminal again.

Overview of Files


  • bootstrap.zsh - sets up the dotfiles in the home directory.
  • npm.zsh - installs a bunch of handy Node based command line tools.
  • osx.zsh - installs newer versions of software and some handy tools and changes some settings on OSX.


  • private/ - private config that is merged with the public dotfiles, explained below.
  • public/ - the actual dotfiles that are placed in ~/.
  • public/.dotfiles/ - shell environment and third party libraries.
  • public/.dotfiles/vendor/ - third party libraries.
  • public/.dotfiles/zfunctions/ - additional zsh functions.


  • .gitconfig
  • .ssh/config

Shell environment

  • .zshrc
  • .dotfiles/aliases.zsh
  • .dotfiles/functions.zsh
  • .dotfiles/bin/httpcompression

Private Config

Place any private config, or config that you don't want in version control, in the private/ directory. Any files in this directory (excluding the .gitignore) will be copied along with all the dotfiles in the public/ directory or appended to dotfiles that already exist.


Run cheatsheet to get a full list with descriptions of all the custom aliases and functions.


My dotfiles are released under the MIT license.

Copyright © 2012 Roland Warmerdam.


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