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Updated license to MIT.

I've now decided to discontinue maintenance on this now, Please fork it and create your own versions.

html5-contact-form-with-Google-maps Update, I've now added Google's reCaptcha to the form, To submit the user must complete the reCaptcha, you will need to sign up to the recaptcha to get your site key and your secret key at Google. This is a PHP contact form in HTML5/CSS3 with Google maps using the canvas feature, This uses the Modernizr and Bootstrap features meaning that this contact form is fully responsive.

This is ready for instant use once you change the email addresses in the contact.php in the core folder, It can be used as a full page or embed into a existing page, Just simply remove the relevant tags and do a few css updates to make it fit the page or with your themes style.

I've also only added the most basic of information needed from the contact form, you could also include location/time/referrer etc, I've also added a few html tags that will be stripped inside the form, you can add more if you wish, This is to combat against XSS attacks.