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Runalyze is a web application for analyzing your training - more detailed than any other sports diary. We are offering a official hosted version at Runalyze is mainly developed by laufhannes and mipapo.


We provide two different documentations:

Both documentations have their own repos: docs and admin-docs. In addition, there's our runalyze-playground to play around with some new ideas. Feel free to contribute there.

Install / Development

Runalyze requires composer and npm (plus bower and gulp, will be installed via npm).

To install dependencies and build:

composer install
npm install


  • import activity files (*.fit, *.tcx, *.gpx and many more)
  • TRIMP principle
  • long-term form analysis
  • VO2max estimation
  • race prediction based on your shape
  • statistics like Monotony, training strain, stress balance
  • heart rate variability (HRV) in activity view
  • elevation correction and calculation
  • ...

Look at for a feature list with screenshots.


You are welcome to ask questions (regarding update/installation/calculations and new ideas) in our forum in English or German. For short questions you may use Gitter or Twitter.


Please use our official translation platform at Pull requests for translations files will be ignored. Open a new issue for adding a language which is not available for translation yet.


Yep, we know that we have to add a and to our repository. Finally we need to setup a CLA. These things take time and we are really busy developing new things for RUNALYZE. (see discussion at #952)

Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability, please send an e-mail to us at