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Runtime Compiled C & C++ Solutions

We believe RCC++ is a good overall standard C++ approach to runtime editing of code which is easy to use, available across a number of platforms and relatively easy to port. There are however a few alternative implementations for compiling C++ at runtime.

Commercial solutions

  • Recode; a Visual Studio plugin developed by an ex-Crytek colleague.
  • Live++ from Stefan Reinalter a generic tool for live coding of C/C++ applications is available, currently supporting the MSVC toolchain.
  • Hot Reload from Unreal Engine 4.
  • The JUCE C++ cross-platform framework has a project management tool called The Projucer which has an Instant Compilation Environment engine (the ICE engine).
  • Visual Studio has Edit & Continue, but this has issues with doing much of any reasonable scope.

Open Source Libraries

Blog posts


  • Easy::jit is a just-in-time compiler for C++ using LLVM by Juan Manuel Martinez Caamaño jmmartinez and Serge Guelton (serge_sans_paille). This doesn't allow full source changes, only the ability to compile in parameters to functions.
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