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Leela (Zero) integration with Sabaki.
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LeelaSabaki has been deprecated as of Sabaki v0.40.0. Use the integrated analysis features instead.

Leela (Zero) integration with Sabaki.



  • Shows heatmap of network probabilities
  • Adds considered variations to the game tree in Sabaki, along with winning statistics


  • Make sure you have the engine only version of Leela or Leela Zero.
  • Make sure you have the most recent version of Sabaki installed.
  • Download LeelaSabaki, or build it yourself. Make sure you have permission to execute the files.
  • Open Sabaki and open the 'Preferences' drawer by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+,.
  • Click on the 'Engines' tab and add a new engine with the following settings:
    • Path: Your path to LeelaSabaki
    • Arguments: LeelaSabaki options, followed by your path to Leela (Zero), followed by additional command line arguments to Leela. Leela will be called with the --gtp option automatically. If you're using Leela Zero, make sure to configure it properly.
  • Example
    • Path: leelasabaki
    • Arguments: --heatmap my_path/leelaz -w my_path/weights.txt --playouts 100 --noponder

CLI Manual


$ leelasabaki [--flat] [--heatmap] [--help] <path-to-leela> [leela-arguments...]


  • --flat

    Instead of appending variations as multiple moves, we will append one node per variation with the final board arrangement and move numbers.

  • --heatmap

    Visualizes network probabilities as a heatmap after each generated move.

  • --help

    Displays help message.


Make sure you have Node.js and npm installed. First, clone LeelaSabaki:

$ git clone
$ cd LeelaSabaki

Install the dependencies of LeelaSabaki with npm:

$ npm install

To build binaries use the following command:

$ npm run build

This will create an executable file in /bin.


  • gtp - A Node.js module for handling GTP engines.