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Also check out Soot's webpage NOTE: If you find any bugs in those tutorials (or other parts of Soot) please help us out by reporting them in our issue tracker.

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Need help? Finding it is easy...

Beginner Tutorials

We have prepared a range of tutorials to get you started with Soot. If you have not used Soot for long, check those out! It is likely that your questions will be answered there.

Soot mailing list

The Soot project maintains a quite active mailing list. Feel free to sign up for the list and ask for help.

However, before you ask your question please make an effort to browse or search the archives first. It is likely that your question has already been answered on the list before. Please follow those guidelines when asking questions. This will help us help you faster!

IRC chat room

Need help fast? Ping us on the #soot IRC channel on Freenode.