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Mathias Hermansson edited this page Jun 18, 2019 · 1 revision

Installing Docker

scoop install docker

Please note that this will not install Docker Engine

Using Docker CLI

Connect to Docker Engine with Docker CLI:

docker -H <host:port>

The Docker Engine daemon must listen to a tcp socket.

Provision Docker Engine with Docker Machine

Requirements: Virtualbox, VMware, Hyper-V or any of the Docker Machine drivers

  1. Create our Docker base machine (will be named default):
docker-machine create default
  1. Each time starting working with Docker
docker-machine start
docker-machine env | Invoke-Expression
  1. Then we can bring up any Docker image
docker run ubuntu /bin/echo "Hello world"
  1. When finished:
docker-machine stop
  1. Getting our Docker machine:
docker-machine ls

Accessing from WSL environment

eval $(docker-machine.exe env docker-host --shell wsl ) && export DOCKER_CERT_PATH=$(wslpath $DOCKER_CERT_PATH)