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URL Shortener For Scratch
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WARNING! has been taken over by a third party. Do not use the domain for the time being. We're not responsible for's content at this time. Please instead use - sorry for the inconvenience.

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What is is a URL Shortener For Scratch Projects started by @Thermodynamical

Shortened URLs

Please remember that the domain is not under our control at this time. Please instead use

URL Function Example URL
#u To User Page
#s To Studio Page
#p To Project Page
#e To Project Editor
#d To Discussion Topic
#o To Discussion Post
Protocol Domain Type Id Full Path Total Characters
http:// /projects/ 259993708 41
http:// #p fvP1I 21


Everyone listed below has contributed to the project either by directly commiting changes, creating issues, or translating the project.

See the contribution guide.

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