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Python library for Seeedstudio Grove Devices on embeded Linux platform, especially good on below platforms:


To operate grove sensors, the depends many hardware interface libraries such as mraa/upm/smbus2.


For beginner or library user only, please install with online method.
For developer or advanced user, please install dependencies and then install with source code.

Online install

install/update all dependencies and latest

curl -sL | sudo bash -s -


From source code

git clone
# Python2
sudo pip install .
# Python3
sudo pip3 install .


Basic GPIO Input & Output demo

import time
from grove.gpio import GPIO

led = GPIO(12, GPIO.OUT)
button = GPIO(22, GPIO.IN)

while True:

See more demos and how to run

API Documentation

click here

how to update me


Check list for adding a new grove device, for simple, take grove_led as a example.

  • Add a Class in the python source file, and export with __all__ =
  • Code sytle PEP8 is recommanded
  • The python source could run directly with python <file> and python3 <file>
  • Add demo code at the near top of source file
  • The demo code could run directly with someone python/python3 IDE.
  • Add document to class and it's member and show the result by refering to API document
  • Add a command item in console_scripts list, take effect by install again
  • Add a item to command table in Usage Doc
  • If the command need argument but not specified, please list available arguments.
  • If specified invalid argument, also output usage document then exit.
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