Adding Non English Translations

Brett Lockspeiser edited this page Nov 8, 2016 · 6 revisions

Adding Translations in Languages Other than English

For simplicity of design, Sefaria began with only supporting translations in English. Some features of the platform still need to be developed to properly handle a multiplicity of languages.

In practice, however, our users our eager to expand beyond English and we have seen contributors productively adding non-English translations even though the system isn't fully ready for them.

We're now open to receiving translations in any language, but for the time being we have a few special requests for non-English translators:

  • Always list non-English translations as Copied Text. Please do not enter non-English translations under Original Translation.
  • The Version Title of your translation should clearly indicate its language in a way a normal user would understand.
  • The Version Title should end with the two character language code in brackets, (e.g., [fr]). This will help us automatically find and categorize translations when we deal with them better in the future.

Translations will be accessible to others by selecting a text version in the Text Table of Contents page, which you see by clicking the text title in the header of a text.