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The stable version of the sensenet ECM Services main component has finally arrived!

New features

  • OAuth providers let developers integrate 3rd party services (e.g. Google) for authenticatig users (aka Google sign-in).

Type handling

  • Provider store gives developers a simple API for managing replaceable runtime instances for providers (e.g. using a memory db provider instead of a real one).


  • SetUrl step lets you add a new url to a site declaratively (useful in case of automatic builds)
  • MoveXmlElement snadmin step for moving xml elements inside a file or content binary.
  • SnAdmin runtime displays a human readable info when a type load exception occurs.


  • Extend batch copy, delete and move OData action responses with information about the changed content and the errors that occured during the operation.

Bug fixes

  • load types at startup and during runtime without throwing an error if there are ones that are not installed
  • Notification class name fixed in source code and config
  • Suppress field errors when serving a content through OData.
  • close output file stream after editing it in xml editor snadmin step
  • binary download is supported with JWT authentication
  • sorting has been fixed for batch node load
  • we allowed the Everyone group to access several applications by default so that administrators do not have to give permission one by one
  • OData REST api returns all the actions in a scenario, not just html ones
  • a token authentication control flow bug has been fixed
  • give startup user a real id that will let us save content during request startup
  • added the necessary http headers for chunked upload

Known issues

In the current release the following features may not work, depending on your environment:

  • Windows authentication
  • WebDAV
  • Open in Office


To get started please follow the instructions in the Install sensenet ECM from NuGet article.

Upgrade from previous versions

Please export your custom content and perform a clean install, there is no upgrade patch for previous versions for this release.