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Notification component for the sensenet ECM platform.
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Notification for sensenet ECM

Notification component for the sensenet ECM platform. Lets users subscribe to content changes and receive emails either almost immediately or in an aggregated way periodically about changes in the repository.

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You may install this component even if you only have the sensenet ECM Services main component installed. That way you'll get the backend notification framework with a .Net API.

Currently there is no REST api for managing notifications, but you can create custom actions for that in your project - or better yet, contribute them to the official component!

If you also have the sensenet ECM WebPages component installed (which gives you a UI framework built on ASP.NET WebForms for sensenet ECM), you'll also get UI elements: notification actions and portlets with content views - a full user interface for subscribing to content events and an admin UI for managing notifications.

To find out which packages you need to install, take a look at the available sensenet ECM components.

To learn more about notifications in sensenet ECM, visit the main Notification article.


To get started, install the Notification component from NuGet:

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