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Truly Open Source Data Tools and Miscellany


  1. sheetjs Public

    📗 SheetJS Community Edition -- Spreadsheet Data Toolkit

    JavaScript 31.4k 7.8k

  2. js-word Public

    ✒️ Word Processing Document Library

    Rich Text Format 1.3k 209

  3. js-crc32 Public

    🌀 JS standard CRC-32 and CRC32C implementation

    Python 312 34

  4. js-adler32 Public

    ☑️ ADLER-32 checksum

    Python 130 11

  5. js-codepage Public

    💱 Codepages for JS

    JavaScript 137 35

  6. test_files Public

    📚 SheetJS Test Files (XLS/XLSX/XLSB and other spreadsheet formats)

    HTML 158 45



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