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🏠 New Home

The new home for SheetJS CE is, a hosted Gitea instance sponsored by SheetJS LLC. SheetJS CE remains a truly open source project under the Apache 2.0 License.

Issues should be raised at the new issue tracker. Users can register directly or sign in with a valid GitHub account.

The documentation includes instructions for using the new distribution points.

Legacy distribution points (including the SheetJS/sheetjs Git repository on GitHub and the xlsx package on will not be receiving updates.

The SheetJS Community Edition offers battle-tested open-source solutions for extracting useful data from almost any complex spreadsheet and generating new spreadsheets that will work with legacy and modern software alike.

SheetJS Pro offers solutions beyond data processing: Edit complex templates with ease; let out your inner Picasso with styling; make custom sheets with images/graphs/PivotTables; evaluate formula expressions and port calculations to web apps; automate common spreadsheet tasks, and much more!

💼 We're Hiring!

SheetJS is looking for US-based software developers to expand this project and related software libraries and tools. more info.

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Please consult the attached LICENSE file for details. All rights not explicitly granted by the Apache 2.0 License are reserved by the Original Author.