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  • Fixed 15k ctd or t-pose (issue #178 , #261 )
  • Fixed high CPU utilization causing lag (issue #240 , #198 )
  • Fixed issue with playing wrong animation for alternate animation (issue #134 )
  • Fixed random 6001/6002 errors (issue #195 )
  • Fixed false flag of error 2022 (issue #242 )
  • Fixed error 5001 (issue #155 )
  • Fixed error 1056 (issue #170 )
  • Fixed stuck at 100% (issue #148 )
  • Modified templates
  • Improved compatibility (internal design revamped)
  • Improved progress bar increment visual (more smooth, less snappy)
  • Merged SE and LE (starting from v0.84, It can be used for SE as well as LE)
  • Priority list will now be saved
  • Added T-pose detector (Only considers what's within my knowledge that will cause T-pose)
  • Rewrote multithreading architecture (Reduced the amount of locks and mutexes. Improved multithreading efficiency)
  • Remove several CBE's xml behavior (was done wrongly in previous versions)
  • Remove AGO's patch, patch is available on AGO's nexus page, All patches will be done by mod author not Nemesis' developer(s) from here onwards
  • Fixed incorrect version log (issue #236 )
  • Fixed warnings on vanilla (issue #222 )
  • Added double clicking mod in the list will open up the web page of the mod. Support custom web page (the patches that come along with Nemesis will only direct to LE, This is why mod author should handle the patches themselves, so they can direct user to LE or SE based on the version of the mod they have downloaded)
  • Fixed slow dagger attack speed (issue #175 )
  • Fixed typo in python script
  • Fixed error 1166 (issue #239 )

Skyrim Nexus download link
Skyrim SE Nexus download link

*Starting from 14/12/2021, the binary file of v0.84-beta and all future versions will be posted on nexus. This page will continue to be updated, but without the binary file, only recording purposes

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  • Added support for Vortex. Fixed issue #122
  • Fixed killmove issue #125
  • Fixed incorrect relative end function
  • Fixed issue #126
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Same version as v0.83b-beta but for SSE skyrim

Edited: fixed missing mod folder. Redownload this version if you have downloaded it before 30/12/2019

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  • Fixed first person not working : issue #123
  • Recompiled all mod patches using latest (v0.81c) HKX Extractor : Fixed T-pose in some cases
  • Added check for system version during engine version check
  • Improved animation progress bar smoothness
  • Added 9mm (gun mod) patch
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  • fixed client version
  • fixed crash caused by engarde
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SSE version of v0.83a-beta Nemesis

  • hotfix included 14/12/2019
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  • fixed engarde failing in patching
  • fixed sexlab thief incorrect parsing
  • fixed TUDM freezing mid-air
  • recompiled all mod patches (fixes TUDM dodge freeze)
  • english language pack update
  • updated behavior template
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  • Fixed furniture animation
  • Corrected animation code found in "animationdatasinglefile.txt" (newly discovered mechanic)
  • Fixed pcea ctd issue
  • Added hkx file 32/64 bit check automatically issue #99
  • Added engine version code to keep track of the engine version across network
  • Improved multithreading structure during engine update
  • Improved data access/lock during engine update
  • Updated all patches
  • Grey out launch button if engine update is required
  • Fixed broken functions in behavior template
  • Removed redundant process imported from FNIS
  • Fixed random failure in file deletion
  • Fixed papyrus compilation error
  • Updated english language pack
  • Minor UI modified
  • Improved performance for checking engine version during launch phase