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Join the chat at https://gitter.im/Shougo/denite.nvim

Denite is a dark powered plugin for Neovim/Vim to unite all interfaces. It can replace many features or plugins with its interface. It is like a fuzzy finder, but is more generic. You can extend the interface and create the sources.

Some things you can do with it include:

  • Opening files

  • Switching buffers

  • Inserting the value of a register

  • Changing current directory

  • Searching for a string

Unite.vim was meant to be like Helm for Vim. But the implementation is ugly and it's very slow.

Denite resolves Unite's problems. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Theoretically faster because the main process is executed by Python

  • Theoretically more stable because no other processes can be performed when it runs.

  • The implementation is simpler than unite

  • Has greater potential to implement new features

  • Python3 is easier to work with than Vimscript

  • There are a lot of useful tools to keep code simple (linter, tester, etc...) in Python3.

  • Unite is officially obsolete, minor bugs (or even major bugs) are not fixed anymore


Denite requires Neovim or Vim8.0+ with if_python3. If :echo has("python3") returns 1, then you're done; otherwise, see below.

You can enable Python3 interface with pip:

pip3 install neovim

If you want to read the Neovim-python/python3 interface install documentation, you should read :help provider-python.

Note: You need to install Python3.5+ or pip3 install typing.

For Windows users

  1. Install Vim from Vim Win32 Installer releases
  2. Download Python latest embeddable zip file and copy the all files in the zip file to the folder where you installed Vim.

Note: You need to do 1. and 2. with the common-arch files (x86 or x64).


file/rec source SpaceVim Guide colorscheme source