🐉 Dark powered asynchronous unite all interfaces for Neovim/Vim8
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Denite.nvim is a dark powered for Neovim/Vim unite all interfaces. It resolves unite.vim problems. It is 10 times faster than unite.vim.


denite requires Neovim or Vim8.0+ with if_python3. If :echo has("python3") returns 1, then you're done; otherwise, see below.

You can enable Python3 interface with pip:

pip3 install neovim

If you want to read the Neovim-python/python3 interface install documentation, you should read :help provider-python.

Future works (not implemented yet)

  • source completion support: completion(args, arglead)

  • matcher_hide_hidden_files

  • quickmatch feature

  • file and file/new source

  • live grep feature

  • narrow action

  • -no-split, -tab option