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deoplete.nvim will display completions for existing plugins that provide completions via omnifunc. The plugins listed below are specifically made for deoplete.nvim.

If you are a source author, please update this list with a link to your repo and short description of your plugin.

See also vim helpfile for complete list of sources


Languages Name/Link Description
Many neco-syntax Provides completions using keywords from the language's syntax highlight file (e.g. 'article' will be completed in html
LanguageClient-neovim Integration with various language servers.
deoplete-vim-lsp deoplete source for vim-lsp
Clang deoplete-clangx Asynchronous C/C++/Objective-C/Objective-C++ completion for Neovim.
Clojure async-clj-omni Provides async clojure completion through nrepl-python-client
D deoplete-d Adds auto-complete support for the D programming language to Vim
Elixir alchemist.vim
Elm deoplete-elm
F# deoplete-fsharp Provides Intellisense completions for FSharp (engin: deopletefs ) , fast speed
F# deoplete-fsharp2 Provides Intellisense completions for FSharp (engin: FsAutoComplete ) , middle speed
Go deoplete-go Asynchronous Go completion for Neovim.
Haskell neco-ghc A completion plugin for Haskell, using ghc-mod
Javascript autocomplete-flow source for javascript via flow
Javascript deoplete-ternjs Based on tern_for_vim and deoplete-jedi
Mathematica vim-mma Syntax and completion support for Wolfram Mathematica
OCaml deoplete-ocaml Asynchronous OCaml completion using Merlin.
PHP deoplete-phpactor Asynchronous PHP completion using phpactor.
PHP deoplete-padawan Asynchronous PHP completion using padawan.php.
PHP phpcd.vim phpcd.vim is a more smart, lightweight, yet powerful plugin for php. The deoplete support has been added.
Python deoplete-jedi Python completion using Jedi.
Ruby Bignyanco Ruby completion use ruby-dictionary3 (Inside)
Ruby totolot Ruby completion use ruby-dictionary3 (Outside)
Rust vim-racer Rust completion and navigation via Racer.
Rust deoplete-rust Rust completion for Neovim (Deoplete) via Racer.
Swift deoplete-swift Adds auto-complete support for the Swift programming language to Vim
SQL Server deoplete-mssql Provides auto-complete support for Microsoft SQL Server
Typescript nvim-typescript This is the deoplete source for typescript via tsserver
VimL neco-vim Provides completions for Vim commands
Zsh deoplete-zsh Provides completions for zsh


Name/Link Description
deoplete-abook Completion of email addresses in Mutt using abook contacts stored in a plain text database
deoplete-emoji Completion of emoji codes
deoplete-github Issue and title completions in commit messages
deoplete-notmuch Mail address completion using notmuch
deoplete-khard Completion of email addresses from carddav using khard
deoplete-minisnip Completion for snippets made with vim-minisnip
tmux-complete Completion of words in adjacent tmux panes
webcomplete Completion of words from the currently open web page in your browser
deoplete-biblatex Completion of ids from biblatex files
deoplete-mu Completion of email addresses using the mu mail indexer/searcher
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