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A backup rotation tool for Minio backups created by the various minback containers
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Minio Rolling Backup Management Container

This container provides a clean, job based, approach to rotating backups on a schedule according to given rules. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the various minback containers which place backup files in a Minio bucket for you.


  • Allows multiple backup retention periods to be selected
  • Lightweight and short lived
  • Simple and well tested Go implementation


In this example, let's assume we have a very aggressive backup schedule that creates a new backup every minute. We would like to keep:

  • Every backup for the last 1h
  • A backup every 15m after 1h
  • A backup every 1h after 6h
  • A backup every week (7d) after 1 week
  • A backup every 4 weeks (4w) after a month (4w)
  • A backup every year after 3 years (156w)
docker run --rm --env-file backup.env minback/cleanup cleanup --db my_db --keep "@1h/15m~5m" --keep "@6h/1h~15m" --keep "@7d/1w~1d" --keep "@4w/4w~1w" --keep "@52w/156w~1w"



Keep Specifications

A keep specification is composed of three different properties:

  1. Window (@) tells us when this window starts to apply from. It defaults to "right now" and can be extended out with a time duration, for example 52w tells us that the window starts at 1 year and continues into the past from there.

    Windows "stack", so @52w and @4w will combine to have one specification applying from 4w to 52w and the next from 52w onwards.

  2. Spacing (/) tells us which backups within a window to keep. A spacing of 15m will keep any backups which fall on the 15m boundary (according to their timestamp) - so :00, :15, :30 and :45.

  3. Smudge Factor (~) tells us that we should round the backup's time to the nearest provided duration. This is great for situations where your backup's timestamp is a lot more accurate than your window and you wish to smudge things to ensure it falls on a boundary.

    For example, a smudge of ~15m will convert 11:13:18 to 11:15:00 and have it match the /15m spacing we selected previously. You can also use larger smudges like ~1d or even ~52w (for a year), but keep in mind that we don't de-duplicate things if multiple backups match because of the same smudge factor.

You define a keep specification by concatenating each property's control character with its duration and listing them in any order you wish.

Example: @2w/1d~6h

In this example, let's assume we create a new backup every 6 hours but only want to store one backup per day for everything older than 2 weeks (i.e. your 6 hour frequency is for short-term recovery).

  1. Window is 2 weeks (2w), meaning this specification will only apply to backups older than 2 weeks, and until an older window is found.
  2. Spacing is 1 day (1d), meaning we will keep one backup per day within this window. Backups will be selected based on their timestamp and only those which match (after smudging) the day boundary will be kept.
  3. Smudge Factor is 6 hours (6h) which ensures that backups which occur up to 3 hours either side of the day boundary (midnight) will be kept.


   main.exe - A new cli application

   main.exe [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


   Benjamin Pannell <>

     help, h  Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   --log-level value  DEBUG|INFO|WARN|ERROR (default: "INFO")
   --help, -h         show help
   --version, -v      print the version

   Sierra Softworks © 2017


   main.exe cleanup -

   main.exe cleanup [command options] [arguments...]

   --server value           [$MINIO_SERVER]
   --access-key value       [$MINIO_ACCESS_KEY]
   --secret-key value       [$MINIO_SECRET_KEY]
   --bucket value          (default: "backups") [$MINIO_BUCKET]
   --db value              The name of the database backup files (my-db-2017-12-19.backup would use 'my-db')
   --keep value, -k value  @7d/1d will keep a backup every 1d for all backups 7d old or older


You can configure command line options using environment variables if you wish.


The Minio server you wish to send backups to.


The Access Key used to connect to your Minio server.


The Secret Key used to connect to your Minio server.


The Minio bucket you wish to store your backup in.

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