Converts images to drawables for Starbound
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Silverfeelin Fade support
Save some data, save some processing power, save some memory usage. Special thanks to Nettle Boy for figuring out that a tiny fade directive offsets 0 values by 1 without affecting the visual colors of the output (even with hundreds of fades on the same frame).
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Drawables Generator

Create multiplayer-compatible drawables for Starbound.

Table of Contents

Overview of the application


The Wiki covers about everything you need to know and do to set up and use the Drawables Generator.

Quick Reference


Nothing yet, feel free to suggest additions or changes!

Potential issues

Of course, we can't ignore the amount of data requires to form these images.
The main two things to worry about are performance losses and game updates 'patching' this feature (it is an exploit, after all).


I love suggestions! If you can think of anything to improve this application feel free to leave a suggestion on the discussion thread over at PlayStarbound (link pending).
If you're really dedicated, you can also create a pull request and directly contribute to the mod!