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Welcome to the SimFeedback-AC-Servo Wiki!

This Wiki will be the central place for all kind of information like build and setup instructions for the SimFeedback-AC DIY Motion Simulator Platform.

SimFeedback is a PC software, that will receive telemetry data from Racing games/simulations like iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, ... . This data is used to create motion cues by transforming them into motion commands.

In this Version, motion commands will be send to a mirco controller (Arduino based) that will control closed loop AC Servos to drive our DIY Linear Actuators (SFX-100).


What is so special

We do use our own made DIY Actuators - SFX-100!

It is a linear actuator (ballscrew) driven by a powerful 750 watt AC Servo. All parts are of the shelf or 3D-Printed.

The Design is free for all but for commercial use. See our license.

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We will show you how to build the SFX-100 DIY actuators, the Electronics, the Software and get all of this up and running.

SimFeedback in motion

Video Instructions

SimFeedback Instructions Step by Step

German only, use subtitles.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Let's get started

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