Lix: Lemmings-like game with puzzles, editor, multiplayer
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Lix is an action-puzzle game inspired by Lemmings (DMA Design, 1991), with singleplayer puzzles, networked multiplayer, and a level editor. Lix is written in the D programming language, uses Allegro 5 for graphics, sound, and input, and uses enet for networking.

Lix screenshot

License/Copying/Public domain

Lix's code, graphic sets, sprites, sound effects, and some music tracks (but not all music tracks) are released into the public domain via the CC0 public domain dedication.

The text font, DejaVu Sans, and some music tracks have their own licenses. Full license/copying text

Build instructions

You can read my detailed instructions for Windows or my detailed instructions for Linux. Would you like to package Lix for Linux distributions? Please see my notes for Linux package maintainers.