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Sitecore Habitat is No Longer Maintained

This "original" Sitecore Habitat is no longer being updated or maintained, and is being replaced with Sitecore Helix Examples. It's still a valuable reference for aspects of Helix which are not yet reflected in the new examples, but there will be no further releases of Habitat.

You are free to fork this repository for further update, but please rename it if you do so, as to not create further confusion with the still maintained Habitat Home demo site collection.


Sitecore Habitat

Habitat is an example Sitecore solution built on the Helix architecture principles. It is designed to show how a Helix-based solution can be architected, and to demonstrate how tooling can be used to accomplish publishing, serialization, and testing. Habitat is not intended to be a starter solution, or as a recommendation of tools for your solutions.

The architecture and methodology focuses on:

  • Simplicity - A consistent and discoverable architecture
  • Flexibility - Change and add quickly and without worry
  • Extensibility - Simply add new features without steep learning curve

For getting started, please check out the Documentation.
For more information on Helix, please go to

Is Habitat a starter kit or template solution?

No. You should not clone this repository for the purposes of starting a new Sitecore project. There are other community solutions which can be used as a starter for Helix-based Sitecore implementations. Habitat is intended as a reference example of a Helix-based Sitecore implementation.

Is Habitat supported by Sitecore?

Sitecore maintains the Helix documentation and Habitat example, but Habitat code is not supported by Sitecore Product Support Services. Please do not submit support tickets regarding Habitat.

How can I get help with Habitat?

For usage questions regarding Habitat installation or code, or questions about Helix, please utilize Sitecore Stackexchange or #helix-habitat on Sitecore Community Slack.

You can use GitHub to submit bug reports or feature requests for Habitat. Please do not submit usage questions via GitHub.