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Steem Feed JS

This is a STEEM Price Feed for witnesses on the STEEM Network. It's written in Node.JS and uses Steemit's Steem-JS.

Recommended NodeJS version: v8.11.4


First, download the git repository, then edit config.json as needed. The interval is in minutes.

git clone
cd steemfeed-js
cp config.example.json config.json
nano config.json

I recommend using Docker, however you can also use a locally installed copy of Node v8.11.4.

Starting Via Docker

docker build -t steemfeed-js .
docker run -itd --rm --name steemfeed steemfeed-js

# Check the status with docker logs
docker logs steemfeed

Starting Via NodeJS (assuming you have the correct version installed)

npm install
npm start

Easy update with Docker

To update the dockerised version simply do the following:

git pull
docker build -t steemfeed-js .
docker stop steemfeed
docker rm steemfeed
docker run -itd --name=steemfeed steemfeed-js
# You can also use this one-liner for the docker commands
docker build -t steemfeed-js .; docker stop steemfeed; docker rm steemfeed; docker run -itd --name=steemfeed steemfeed-js


As NodeJS is somewhat unreliable, it's recommended to use a cron to restart it every 2 hrs.

crontab -e

For docker you can use the following

0 */2   *  *    *    docker restart steemfeed


    "node": "",
    "name": "your steem name",
    "wif": "your active private key",
    "interval": 60,
    "peg": false,
    "peg_multi": 1
  • node - The URL of the steem node to use.
  • name - The name of the steem account that will publish the feed
  • wif - The active private key for the steem account
  • interval - The number of minutes between publishing the feed
  • peg - Set to true only if you want to adjust your price feed bias
  • peg_multi - If "peg" is set to true, then this will change the "quote" to 1 / peg_multi. If you set "peg_multi" to 2 it will show a 100% bias on your feed.