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it SONAR-7054 use ws-client in batch
microbenchmark-template Upgrade version to 5.3-SNAPSHOT
plugins/sonar-xoo-plugin Exclude xoo and benchmark modules from analysis
scripts [SCRIPTS] unziping silently in
server SONAR-7054 use ws-client in batch
sonar-application Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-5.2'
sonar-batch-protocol SONAR-7054 use ws-client in batch
sonar-batch-shaded Upgrade version to 5.3-SNAPSHOT
sonar-batch SONAR-7054 use ws-client in batch
sonar-check-api Upgrade version to 5.3-SNAPSHOT
sonar-colorizer Upgrade version to 5.3-SNAPSHOT
sonar-core SONAR-7065 Add tooltips for complexity distribution bars on the overv…
sonar-db Always select queue rows in the same order
sonar-duplications Upgrade version to 5.3-SNAPSHOT
sonar-home Upgrade version to 5.3-SNAPSHOT
sonar-markdown Upgrade version to 5.3-SNAPSHOT
sonar-plugin-api-deps Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-5.2'
sonar-plugin-api Improve Dateutils code coverage
sonar-testing-harness Upgrade version to 5.3-SNAPSHOT
sonar-ws SONAR-7054 use ws-client in batch
.gitattributes Tests should be independent from EOL in resources
.gitignore ignore license files in scripts/patches
.mailmap .mailmap file to resolve wrong author names Update
.travis.yml Improve
COPYING Fix crlf
KEYS Change Olivier Gaudin's key Replace references to by
appveyor.ps1 Add AppVeyor configuration
appveyor.yml Use Java 7 on AppVeyor [SCRIPT] build and quick-build must stop SQ instance
copyright.txt Update copyright headers (replace 2013 by 2014)
cve-false-positives.xml Add configuration for check of dep vulnerabilities listed in CVE regi… SONAR-5709 Add properties and sonar.w… Add script Add, just to remind "mvn license:format" Rename tool scripts
pom.xml SONAR-7054 use ws-client in batch [SCRIPT] build and quick-build must stop SQ instance [SCRIPTS] add support for patches to fix and on ubuntu with zsh SONAR-6642 drop internal maven plugins Temporarily disable coverage per test during PR analysis

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