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microbenchmark-template SONAR-5700 ability to change level of loggers of 3rd-party libraries
plugins SONAR-6392 Drop measure trends
server fix various quality flaws
sonar-application Fix quality flaws
sonar-batch-maven-compat Update pom to 5.2-SNAPSHOT
sonar-batch-protocol SONAR-6392 Drop measure trends
sonar-batch SONAR-6392 Drop measure trends
sonar-check-api Update pom to 5.2-SNAPSHOT
sonar-colorizer Build must not copy sonar-colorizer/sonar-colorizer.css in sonar-web.
sonar-core fix various quality flaws
sonar-deprecated Automatic merge from master
sonar-duplications Fix quality flaws
sonar-graph Update pom to 5.2-SNAPSHOT
sonar-home Update pom to 5.2-SNAPSHOT
sonar-java-api Update pom to 5.2-SNAPSHOT
sonar-markdown Update pom to 5.2-SNAPSHOT
sonar-maven-plugin Update pom to 5.2-SNAPSHOT
sonar-maven3-plugin Update pom to 5.2-SNAPSHOT
sonar-plugin-api Fix quality flaws
sonar-testing-harness Thread-safe JsonComparison
.gitattributes Tests should be independent from EOL in resources
.gitignore SONAR-5665 Stop support of GWT pages
.mailmap .mailmap file to resolve wrong author names
.travis.yml Disable P/R analysis on travis
COPYING Fix crlf
KEYS Change Olivier Gaudin's key Sanitize README Speed-up build
copyright.txt Update copyright headers (replace 2013 by 2014)
cve-false-positives.xml Add configuration for check of dep vulnerabilities listed in CVE regi… SONAR-5709 Add properties and sonar.w… Add script Add, just to remind "mvn license:format" Rename tool scripts
pom.xml Upgrade to update center 1.13 Speed-up build add -d option to to remote debug web server fix and on ubuntu with zsh Add

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