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it Remove some more potential FP
microbenchmark-template Extract module sonar-db
plugins Fix quality flaws
scripts [SCRIPTS] unziping silently in
server SONAR-6487 WS permissions/search_project_permissions do not return co…
sonar-application Remove misleading comment about Xms in
sonar-batch-protocol SONAR-6777 Project cache sync
sonar-batch-shaded SONAR-3821 Drop any Maven dependency
sonar-batch Fix quality flaws
sonar-check-api SONAR-6370 isolate plugin classloader from core
sonar-colorizer SONAR-6370 Remove guava from dependencies of sonar-colorizer
sonar-core Fix quality flaws
sonar-db SONAR-6487 WS permissions/search_project_permissions do not return co…
sonar-duplications Revert "Do not redirect surefire logs to file"
sonar-home SONAR-6577 Offline mode in issues mode
sonar-markdown Update pom to 5.2-SNAPSHOT
sonar-plugin-api-deps SONAR-6370 fix sonar-check-api transitive dependency from sonar-plugi…
sonar-plugin-api SONAR-6730 Add boolean measure
sonar-testing-harness JsonAssert can ignore fields and small improvements
sonar-ws SONAR-6496 SONAR-6497 Rename template key by template id and projectP…
.gitattributes Tests should be independent from EOL in resources
.gitignore ignore license files in scripts/patches
.mailmap .mailmap file to resolve wrong author names Update
.travis.yml Group its
COPYING Fix crlf
KEYS Change Olivier Gaudin's key Replace references to by [SCRIPT] build and quick-build must stop SQ instance does not need local installation of protoc
copyright.txt Update copyright headers (replace 2013 by 2014)
cve-false-positives.xml Add configuration for check of dep vulnerabilities listed in CVE regi… SONAR-5709 Add properties and sonar.w… Add script Add, just to remind "mvn license:format" Rename tool scripts
pom.xml Redirect logs to file by default [SCRIPT] build and quick-build must stop SQ instance [SCRIPTS] add support for patches to fix and on ubuntu with zsh SONAR-6642 drop internal maven plugins Group its

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