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it Fix selenium id in ProjectAdministrationTest
microbenchmark-template Extract module sonar-db
plugins Declare multiline rule in Xoo
scripts add command line options to
server compile .jsx files
sonar-application SONAR-6607 Update SQ Java to version 3.4 (fix assembly)
sonar-batch-protocol use new rule WS
sonar-batch-shaded SONAR-3821 Drop any Maven dependency
sonar-batch Improve quality
sonar-check-api SONAR-6370 isolate plugin classloader from core
sonar-colorizer SONAR-6370 Remove guava from dependencies of sonar-colorizer
sonar-core SONAR-6052 Extract primaryLocation as a special attribute
sonar-db SONAR-6734 add MBean to expose Commpute Engine Queue info
sonar-duplications Revert "Do not redirect surefire logs to file"
sonar-home Improve quality
sonar-markdown Update pom to 5.2-SNAPSHOT
sonar-plugin-api-deps SONAR-6370 fix sonar-check-api transitive dependency from sonar-plugi…
sonar-plugin-api Improve quality
sonar-testing-harness Fix deprecated code
sonar-ws Add name to api/rules/list
.gitattributes Tests should be independent from EOL in resources
.gitignore Fix .gitignore
.mailmap .mailmap file to resolve wrong author names Update
.travis.yml Reactivate administration and server ITs
COPYING Fix crlf
KEYS Change Olivier Gaudin's key Replace references to by Speed-up build does not need local installation of protoc
copyright.txt Update copyright headers (replace 2013 by 2014)
cve-false-positives.xml Add configuration for check of dep vulnerabilities listed in CVE regi… SONAR-5709 Add properties and sonar.w… Add script Add, just to remind "mvn license:format" Rename tool scripts
pom.xml Remove dependency management for WS client Speed-up build add -d option to to remote debug web server fix and on ubuntu with zsh SONAR-6642 drop internal maven plugins Upgrade to travis-utils v16

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