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Code quality

Automate your code review with style, quality, security, and test‑coverage checks when you need them most. Code quality is intended to keep complexity down and runtime up.

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PragTob commented Jul 5, 2020

We have a problem: if files aren't loaded/required we don't have branch data. If they are added through track_files we give it 0/0 branches which we show as 100% coverage (all possible branches are covered).

That math is "wrong" though here because there are branches but we don't know what they are. We should probably count total branches here as "unkown" and establish that in our "math unive

sivacoder commented Oct 27, 2020

In the past we have made PR's to Piranha to support additional usage patterns. Also, thanks to all the new functionalities added to Piranha Java last few months.

We are in the final stage of putting Piranha to pre-production for our java based micro services. We have hit this two blockers and need your support for this:

**Case 1: Tests using the moc

Splaktar commented Nov 11, 2018

AngularJS Material uses gulp to build everything, so we're looking at using for our builds. It seems like something could be built similar to the webpack plugin in order to have the types added during the Gulp pipeline.

It's not clear if typewiz-node could help with this already or not. We don't have a single main.ts to point to. Should we do somethi

dabutvin commented Aug 19, 2020

There is a gap in the docs about managing your installation using github settings and imgbot settings

Main points:
For managing your imgbot installation check out github's docs.
They offer 2 options for managing this. You can select which repositories you want it installed in, or you can choose "all repositories including all future repositories".

You can log in and see your repos and req

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