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Code quality

Automate your code review with style, quality, security, and test‑coverage checks when you need them most. Code quality is intended to keep complexity down and runtime up.

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PragTob commented Jul 5, 2020

We have a problem: if files aren't loaded/required we don't have branch data. If they are added through track_files we give it 0/0 branches which we show as 100% coverage (all possible branches are covered).

That math is "wrong" though here because there are branches but we don't know what they are. We should probably count total branches here as "unkown" and establish that in our "math unive

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Pierre-Sassoulas commented May 18, 2022

Current problem


result = ''
for number in ['1', '2', '3']:
    result += number  # [consider-using-join]

Where the final result would be "".join(['1', '2', '3']) we already raise a consider-using-join. Sometime function that could be join instead are sneakier, for example:

result = ''
for number in ['1', '2', '3']:
    result += f"{number}
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