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South Green Bioinformatics platform

Public repostiory of code for bioinformatics applications developed in the South Green Bioinformatics platform

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  1. A snakemake pipeline to assembly, polishing, correction and quality check from Oxford nanopore reads.

    Python 14

  2. Toolbox for generic NGS analyses - A framework to quickly build pipelines and to perform large-scale NGS analysis

    Perl 19 5

  3. An open resource material for people who wish to know about bioinformatics specially users of the Southgreen Platform ( It contains tips, tutorials …

    4 4

  4. The South Green platform has conducted a series of training courses for several years and this github repository gives access to all trainings (

    3 8

  5. Galaxy tools from South Green

    Python 2 3

  6. This repository provides a series of Singularity recipe files used to easily deploy numerous bioinformatics softwares through containers.All these Singularity recipes are ready to be used by the bi…


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