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An Ansible playbook to configure a CentOS/RHEL/Oracle Linux 7 server with Oracle Fusion Middleware
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Weblogic Ansible Playbook

Detailed info

An Ansible Playbook (weblogic-fmw-domain.yml) to install and configure a WebLogic Server 12c with Oracle Fusion Middleware software for hosting Oracle Fusion Middleware (for example ADF) applications in Redhat Linux 7 (RHEL/CentOS/Oracle Linux) system. This playbook is for version of WebLogic and Fusion Middleware Infrastructure software.

Requirements for running the playbook:

  • Configure your environment variables in infra-vars.yml.
  • Set your passwords in secrets.yml.
  • A running Oracle Database for hosting the repositories is required and sys user password for generates the repositories.
  • A running RHEL 7 system with minimal installation with network configured. (IP address, hostname etc).
  • Download the latest Java 8 jdk and put the file in roles/linux-jdk/files and configure infra-vars.yml with that file name.
  • Download the Oracle Fusion Middleware installer from Oracle support and put it in roles/fmw-software/files

The playbook includes the following Ansible Roles:

  • linux-wls: Configures the linux system with required packages, kernel settings etc.
  • linux-jdk: Installs Oracle JDK 8.
  • fmw-software: Installs Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure software.
  • fmw-domain: Creates a Domain with Fusion Middleware support (Enterprise Manager, JRF, etc).
  • fmw-managed-server: Creates a managed server for host applications.

When the playbook finishes execution you can connect to weblogic server using wls12c1.private:7001/console.


Forked project. Copyright (c) 2018 Stavros Kalapothas (aka Stevaras) It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms of the GNU Licence.

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