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first stab at it pretty much an updated version of the one currently up there, need to get the tests passing in node (browser works) which may be a challenge for me as I don't really know quint well (as opposed to mocha).

Stuk commented Oct 15, 2013

Looks good. I need to play around with it locally.


a couple notes:

  • I made you an author on NPM
  • browserify adds a fake Buffer shim in so if you ever test for that you have to also test for process.browser which browserify sets to true in browser builds.

I started playing with this pull request and here are some thoughts :

  • whoa, that's cool !
  • now that we have a proper build chain, we should be able to remove the copy/paste of the inflate/deflate code and add a npm dependency to
  • do we really need the content of the dist/ folder ?
  • the generated file does not pass the unit tests on IE 6-9. I checked some of the errors and they come from updated code : a switch/case transformed into a array.indexOf (doesn't exist in IE <= 8) or a new call to new Uint8Array(input) (doesn't exist in IE <= 9)
  • it doesn't look like zlib is in NPM nor is the package.json set up for that so that wouldn't be as easy as it could be
  • yes we probably need it in some form to put into package managers and bower and component both use github so committing that folder is helpful with that.
  • my bad, the my original modularization one targeted newer browsers so I can go back and fix those.
Calvin Metcalf browserifying 7e47cfd

zlib.js has a bin/ folder containing the generated files. I tested with

"dependencies" : {
  "zlib.js" : "git://"

and in deflate.js I added var Zlib = require('zlibjs/bin/rawdeflate.min').Zlib; (same with inflate). The require line is a bit awkward but I think the result (1800 LoC removed and a clean dependency) is worth it.

Regarding the dist/ folder, I clearly see the advantage of having the generated files (I just used them with zlib.js) but I also see some big disadvantages. On the master branch they need to be up to date which means that either :

  • we commit the updated dist/ after each pull request
  • we manually merge each pull request to update it
  • we put the burden on the contributors
  • I forgot something and it isn't as bad as it seems to be

This could also generate merge conflicts in the minified file.

We could create an other branch to contains the dist/ folder (but some package managers use the tags so that may not be wise) or we could create a new repository jszip-package to contains only builds, documentation and <package-manager>.json.

Thoughts ?


first on the dist front the usual route in my experience is some combination of 1 and 2. The key is to make it clear that people who pull are not to commit them and then it ends up not being much of a deal.

for zlib it occurs to me we could just use the zlib which browserify adds if you do var zlib = require('zlib') which is a wrapper for @imaya's anyway

@Stuk Stuk commented on the diff Oct 20, 2013
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+'use strict';
+exports.STORE = {
+ magic: "\x00\x00",
+ compress: function(content) {
+ return content; // no compression
+ },
+ uncompress: function(content) {
+ return content; // no compression
+ },
+ compressInputType: null,
+ uncompressInputType: null
+exports.DEFLATE = require('./flate');
Stuk Oct 20, 2013 Owner

Requiring directories with an index.js file is not supported by other CommonJS module loaders like Mr. This should be changed to ./flate/index or rename "lib/flate/index.js" to "lib/flate.js".

Stuk commented Oct 20, 2013

One thing I was considering is allowing the deflate/inflate and load modules to be optionally loaded to ease the file size when using it in the browser. Something along the lines of:

// everything
var JSZip = require("jszip");

// optionally loading
var JSZip = require("jszip/base")

JSZip.prototype.load = require("jszip/load");

Any thoughts? These are the filesizes:

# before
173K Oct 20 11:19 jszip.js
 69K Oct 20 11:19 jszip.min.js
# after
149K Oct 20 11:57 jszip.js
 60K Oct 20 11:57 jszip.min.js
Stuk commented Oct 20, 2013

Amusingly It appears that browserify is shimming Buffer: Any ideas if this can be disabled?


this has come up in daleharvey/pouchdb#921, we'd have to make sure Buffer was only ever called from some node only files and then exclude that from the build OR as the buffer shim doesn't use typed arrays, use the NodeReader as a fallback for things that don't have arrays buffers.

as for size things, gzipped in this current config you save 4k by excluding deflate and inflate (so 2k each) and you save 1.6k by excluding load. it would make more sense if there were multiple algorithms that might be used, but at the moment it comes down to saving ~2k if your only going one way (deflate or inflate) and then saving ~1.6k if your not actual loading somebody else's zipfile? not sure what the load part actually does. In my experience custom builds don't get used much and end up not being used a ton, it seems like not much of a gain for a lot of extra hasle for people.


I'm still don't think that commiting generated files is a good idea but this seems to be the easiest path. As you pointed out @calvinmetcalf, this is done by a lot of js devs (for each commit or for each release). Other repositories use a custom tarball with npm (I've never published any package on npm but that seems possible) or have a separated repository (angularjs but that's the only one I found). With other package managers (see #19) adding generated files may be the easiest solution.

The zlib wrapper won't work for us : the nodejs API is asynchronous while JSZip has a synchronous API (but that would have been nice).

The Buffer shim adds a lot of code :

# on master : (concatenate all js files)
 97224 jszip.all.js
# with browserify
177477 jszip.js
# with detectGlobals : false (without the Buffer shim)
109655 jszip.js

I think we should set detectGlobals : false in the browserify configuration :-) (and remove the use of process.browser)


your right about zlib my bad. I'm somewhat hesitant about relying on the external zlib.js as it brings in some other stuff but it's still better then bringing it with.

I believe we can do better then detectGlobals:false what we can do is use !process.browser as a proxy for buffers being available, make sure all the buffer specific code is in a few files, and then use ignore to exclude those files from the build all together, that way not only no buffer shim but also no node specific code at all.


ok used @dduponchel's method for moving zlib out of here, also moved new Buffer and Buffer.isBuffer into a new module that we can then ignore in the build process (along with nodeBufferReader)


Original: 159374 bytes.
Minified: 71022 bytes.
Gzipped:  16075 bytes.


Original: 93148 bytes.
Minified: 44675 bytes.
Gzipped:  10773 bytes.

Nice !

@dduponchel dduponchel and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Oct 31, 2013
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+'use strict';
+var Zlib = require('zlibjs/bin/rawinflate.min').Zlib
+module.exports = function(Type){
+ return function(input) {
+ var inflate = new Zlib.RawInflate(new Type(input));
dduponchel Oct 31, 2013 Collaborator

That won't work with arrays (will create an array containing an array).
The conversion is already handled by the calling function, following the uncompressInputType

calvinmetcalf Oct 31, 2013 Contributor

yeah it looks like the use typed array thing is actually something from zlib.js that we don't need now that it's in a separate file

Calvin Metcalf added some commits Oct 31, 2013
Calvin Metcalf remove flate type a56ecf6
Calvin Metcalf move flate 308660e

308660e deals with the issue that @Stuk mentioned of certain module loaders not being able to deal with index.js files for modules


Sorry for the lack of update !
I still have issues on IE (will comment on the offending lines) but this pull request looks good.
@calvinmetcalf could you rebase the branch ? The branch two has been rebased and leaved your branch with duplicated commits.
@Stuk have you other comments ?
Once this pull request is merged I think we should release a new version : this will allow bower to have a tag with everything needed (still don't know if this should be a v2.0.1 or a v2.1.0).


The attributes uncompressInputType and compressInputType are required : they are used to convert data into the right format. Without them, things work by accident : the library gets an Uint8Array in the unit tests because ArrayBuffers are automatically converted. In IE, the conversion String -> Array doesn't happen and the tests break :-)


Merged into master.

@dduponchel dduponchel closed this Jan 15, 2014
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