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This linter plugin for SublimeLinter provides an interface to rubocop. It will be used with files that have the ruby, ruby on rails, rspec, betterruby, better rspec, ruby experimental or cucumber steps syntaxes.


SublimeLinter must be installed in order to use this plugin.

Please use Package Control to install the linter plugin.

Before using this plugin, you must ensure that rubocop (0.34.0 or later) is installed on your system. To install rubocop, do the following:

  1. Install Ruby.

  2. Install rubocop by typing the following in a terminal:

    [sudo] gem install rubocop
  3. If you are using rvm or rbenv, ensure that they are loaded in your shell’s correct startup file. See here for more information.

In order for rubocop to be executed by SublimeLinter, you must ensure that its path is available to SublimeLinter. The docs cover troubleshooting PATH configuration.


You can configure rubocop exactly the way you would from the command line, using .rubocop.yml configuration files. For more information, see the rubocop documentation.

To override the config file path, you would add this to the Sublime Linter User Settings:

    "linters": {
        "rubocop": {
            "args": ["--config", "path/to/config.yml"]


If you are using Bundler and would like to use the locked rubocop version (which will also allow you to use inherit_gem in rubocop.yml, in case you are inheriting from another gem in the project), you must set use_bundle_exec to true:

    "linters": {
        "rubocop": {
            "use_bundle_exec": true
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