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Vim bash-completion

This repository contains a bash-completion file for vim.

The following features are curently supported:

  • auto completion of remote files (vim scp://$host//files)
  • basic argument completion


  • bash and bash-completion
  • vim scp:// completion
    • configure your ssh_config so that you can connect to your hosts by name without any options and ideally without a password prompt everytime
      • using key based authentication with ssh-agent or passwordless keyfiles is preferred
      Host machine
        User account
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_ed25519
        PubkeyAuthentication yes
    • if the completion should be fast you want to enable control sockets
    Host *
      ControlMaster auto
      ControlPath ~/.ssh/sockets/%C
      ControlPersist 15m
    • The directory is not created automatically and can be done with mkdir -p ~/.ssh/sockets/.
    • remove : from COMP_WORDBREAKS which can be done by adding the following line to your bashrc
      • this is required because vim scp://machine//home/user/.bashrc does not use the same format as {rsync,scp} machine:/home/user/.bashrc does but the completion files by bash-completion are re-used
  • clone the repo this repository into some directory git clone ~/.bash_completion.d/vim-bash-completion
  • load the completion file
    • on demand: either symlink (preferred) or copy the vim file into the follwoing directory
      • the directory can be defined by $BASH_COMPLETION_USER_DIR/completions which defaults to $XDG_DATA_HOME/bash-completion/completions which on itself defaults to ~/.local/share/bash-completion/completions
      • See the question Q. Where should I install my own local completions? at the bash-completion faq for details
    • source the vim file in ~/.bash_completion
    • if you do not want to clone the repository you can also copy the function from the vim file into your ~/.bash_completion


I was surprised that I couldn't find any bash-completion script for vim. I also learned a couple of days before the scp:// remote feature in vim which is not that usuable without knowing file paths off the top of your head. I knew that scp and rsync have fantastic bash-completion for remote files which are very responsive if you use ssh sontrol sockets. See man ssh_config and search for ControlMaster.