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Shenzhen I/O Solitaire Clone


This project is not associated with Zachtronics or SHENZHEN I/O.

This is an implementation of the Solitaire mini-game included in the game SHENZHEN I/O. It comes with a set of custom made graphics and no audio, but can use the original game's assets if they are installed on the system.


The game is written in Rust. If you do not have a rust toolchain on your system yet, rustup is the preferred way to change that. When the toolchain is ready build and run the game with

cargo run --release

If you want to use the original graphics from SHENZHEN I/O, the easiest way is to delete or rename the resources/textures/ directory. Then the game will load assets from ~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/SHENZHEN IO/Content/. This works only on Linux if SHENHZHEN I/O is installed in Steam. If you are on Windows, or have SHENZHEN I/O installed in a different location, simply copy the following directories and files:

  1. SHENZHEN IO/Content/textures/solitaire -> resources/textures/solitaire
  2. SHENZHEN IO/Content/textures/sounds/card_*.wav -> resources/sounds/
  3. SHENZHEN IO/Content/textures/music/Solitaire.ogg -> resources/music/

How to play

The original game comes with ingame instructions. Please refer to these for now.