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The best admin interface framework for Flask. With scaffolding for MongoEngine, Django and SQLAlchemy.
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Flask-Superadmin is the best admin interface framework for Flask. As good as Django admin.

Batteries included:

  • Admin interface
  • Scaffolding for MongoEngine, Django and SQLAlchemy
  • File administrator (optional)


Admin interface

Influenced heavily by the Django admin, provides easy create/edit/delete functionality for your project's models (MongoEngine, Django or SQLAlchemy).


This is library for building administrative interface on top of Flask framework.

Instead of providing simple scaffolding for SQLAlchemy, MongoEngine or Django models, Flask-SuperAdmin provides tools that can be used to build administrative interface of any complexity, using consistent look and feel.

Small example (Flask initialization omitted):

from flask.ext.superadmin import Admin, model

app = Flask(__name__)
admin = Admin(app)

# For SQLAlchemy (User is a SQLAlchemy Model/Table)
admin.register(User, session=db.session)

# For MongoEngine Documents (User is a MongoEngine Document)

# For Django Models (User is a Django Model)

# Adding a custom view
admin.add_view(CustomView(name='Photos', category='Cats'))



For installing you have to do:

pip install Flask-SuperAdmin


python install


Library comes with a lot of examples, you can find them in examples directory.


Flask-SuperAdmin is extensively documented, you can find documentation here.

3rd Party Stuff

Flask-SuperAdmin is built with help of Twitter Bootstrap, Chosen, and jQuery.


This library is a supervitamined fork of the Flask-Admin package by Serge S. Koval.

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