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A programm for adding transactions to a ledger journal.


  • Simple appending of transactions with a TUI / GUI or via command line parameters
  • Preset system for simpler appending of recurring transactions
  • German tax depreciation ('AfA') feature for automatic transaction generation according to the german tax law

The frontend is made with my tweaked version of npyscreen.


To be honest: totally helpless here. I made it the noob-way, I think:

  1. Cloned my tweaked version of npyscreen - especially the NotifyInput branch and switched to this branch, locally! (git clone, git checkout NotifyInput, git pull origin NotifyInput)
  2. Went to the folder and typed sudo pip3 install . -e to install this branch in the Python3 modules.
  3. Set up an alias in the .bashrc to my of ledger-add.


Start the programm and open the menu with Ctrl+X. Fill the fields and see what happens. Shortcuts are:

- Ctrl+A : jump to the first account on the transaction form (Bug: works only the first time. Probably a bug of the npyscreen API)
- Ctrl+DEL : delete the field, which has the focus
- Ctrl+L : opens presets
- Ctrl+O : ok button
- Ctrl+Q : cancel button
- INSERT : insert afa table entry
- DELETE : delete afa table entry

To do

  • Old command line interface for people, who like the old interface more.
  • Fix bug, which completely can destroy the journal, if it has a transaction without cleared / not cleared status in it (* or ! has to exist in a transaction)!


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